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Bangladesh: Schizophrenia and autism treatment, services, and societal attitudes

Note to the reader

Dear reader,

This note was researched, written and edited by Asylos, an international network of volunteers providing free-of-charge research for lawyers helping asylum seekers with their claim. Everyone engaged in Asylos believes that asylum matters and so do fair decisions, based on the best available knowledge. We believe that your work as a lawyer dealing with such cases is so important that it is a good thing to assist you for free - and we do that in our spare time. 

Please note that Asylos’ volunteer researchers are not legally certified experts in the matters we research and cannot be classified as expert witnesses. We compile primary and secondary information to address certain country-specific questions, but we do not provide assessment or analysis of the data. Accordingly, this report is intended as background reference material for the asylum seeker and his/her counsel, to assist in their preparation of the case.

Further, the COI presented is illustrative, but not exhaustive of the information available in the public domain, nor is it determinative of any individual human rights or asylum claim.  While we strive to be as comprehensive as possible, no amount of research can ever provide an exhaustive picture of the situation. It is therefore important to note that the absence of information should not be taken as evidence that an issue does not exist.

Please help us track the impact of our work. It is our best reward and it helps us reward our funders. If you are reading this note, using any part of it to inform your case or possibly submitting it to court, please:

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