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Bangladesh: Schizophrenia and autism treatment, services, and societal attitudes

Sources consulted

The earliest source dates from 2014 and the most recent source dates from 2023.

Sources consulted but not cited:

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  • Shuchona Foundation (an organization which works to enable innovative ideas and approaches in the area of neurodevelopment disabilities, mental health issues, and other vulnerable groups)

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  • Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics

Sources from which information was obtained

  1. International Organisations

  • World Health Organization

  • United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner: Special Rapporteur on the right to health



  1. (Inter)governmental sources 

  • Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

  • U.S. Department of State

  • UK Visas and Immigration

  • UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies: Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

  • United Nations Human Rights Council

  • Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics


  1. (I)NGOS and think tanks

  • ADD International (Action on Disability and Development): a UK-registered charity that supports organizations of disability activists to fight discrimination for over 30 years

  • CRDF Global (an international NGO founded after the fall of communism to support scientific research between the US and the former Soviet Union) 

  • Validity: an INGO which uses the law to secure equality, inclusion and justice for people with mental disabilities worldwide


  1. Media

  • Anadolu Agency: a state-run news agency headquartered in Ankara, Turkey

  • BBC

  • The Daily Star

  • The Independent (Bangladesh)This is a local newspaper in Bangladesh 

  • The Business Standard (Bangladeshi Business newspaper)


  1. Academic Sources

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  • Studies in Social Justice