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Bangladesh: Schizophrenia and autism treatment, services, and societal attitudes

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Asylos is a network of volunteers providing research assistance to lawyers who represent refugees. Founded in 2010, it was created to respond to a dysfunctional asylum system in Europe that fails to live up to its own legal and ethical standards. Asylos provides case-related information to lawyers in countries where legal aid is non-existent or does not cover the cost of researching up-to-date evidence documenting rights violations or persecution in specific cases. The research concerns conditions in the claimant’s country of origin or other facts pertinent to an individual case. For more information, please visit our website

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About this Report

This document has been produced by Asylos in response to specific questions posed by an asylum lawyer working on a claim. It is based on publicly accessible written sources. All translations provided in the research report are written by Asylos researchers, unless specified otherwise. This document does not pretend to be exhaustive.


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